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Growing up in Utah and Boston while traveling all over the world, we developed a love for culture, especially fashion. Now, we get to share our passion with you!

Kiana Rhodes:
I'm often called bear or bearzy,I was given that nickname as a youngster. Apparently I was, well still am a nightmare to wake up. I currently live in Boston, MA for the Red Sox, I am on my high school softball team, l am trying to learn the guitar (key word: trying), absolutely love ethnic foods, I'm failing at learning Spanish and have a huge weakness for Australian accents. I have traveled the world and learned that no matter where you are, family will always be there for you. I hope I can one day move to Paris or London and start a clothing line or work for a fashion magazine, but for now, I am sharing my love for fashion with all of you! 

Mckenna Bland:
I'm McKenna, or Kenna, or Ken, or M.  I want to live in London when i turn 18 and plan on doing so, but until then i live in good 'ole Salt Lake City Utah.  I play no sports but have tried all and found i'm not to good... like at all.  I love horses and cats.  I live for music and fashion.  They are my obsessions.  I LOVE to travel, and plan on traveling the world.  I have this weird obsession with England.  If you ever need traveling advice about going to London i could find you the best deals (i've researched it that many times, no judging).  My Family and friends mean the world to me and i honestly could not live with out them, especially my mom.  I will be a Junior in high school the up and coming school year.  Because Fashion is our life we created this so we could share our crazy obsession with you! Hope you like it! xo 

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